So having come across Ghost earlier this year, I was very thrilled to see how easy it works and how nice it looks. It is much nicer writing posts and reading content on Ghost than on WordPress.

So, wanting to start investing time in my blog I decided to use Ghost. However, here is where things are making me have second thoughts.

  • Hosting is not cheap and more technically orientated than just installing and using WordPress from CPanel. Yes, you can rent the service over at Ghost, but it is expensive compared to traditional shared hosting packages.
  • Many of the "standard" features one would expect from a blog that WordPress comes with is still lacking in Ghost. Such as basic search functionality, basic theme editing and home page layouts.
  • Configuring the look and feel of Ghost is not very user friendly, for those who are not technically minded. Most themes on WordPress allows one to change the basic look and layout from the admin panel, but in Ghost you have to learn how to edit the files and create your own templates.
  • The fact that Ghost at least does not come with a customizable home page is also troublesome. Yes you can do it, if you learn how to create your own templates and use handle-bars but it should not have to be so difficult.

Isn't this a bit too much to ask from writers? By default bloggers or writers are just that: writers. Not all of them are technical orientated or coders.

Lastly, I don't want WordPress. WordPress is cluttered, slow and not as pleasing on the eye or elegant by default BUT I sure miss how easy I could customize it.

So I am at an impasse. Should I stick with Ghost and wait it out? Or go back to WordPress and give Ghost some more time? I guess I will just have to wait and see.